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We spend a great deal of time thinking about the challenges our customers face in industry and how best to develop methods to characterise physical properties contributing to these issues. However collecting the right information is simply half the battle! The next part is to turn this data into something actionable and commercial.

Our style of presenting physical characterisation data is designed to ensure you can get full use from rheological testing reports, and will be equipped with the vocabulary and confidence to communicate findings to your peers and stakeholders. Whether you are interested in rheology, viscosity, tribology, surface tension, wetting, powder flow or texture analysis, we will take the time to help you fully exploit these analyses and solve problems.

Please feel welcome to browse our collection of articles and case studies, detailing some of the various rheological methods that we have used in our own R&D work. Please feel welcome toLet us know your feedback and do get in contact if you’d like to discuss how we can help on your own R&D projects!


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