Rheology Lab Clients & References

The Rheology Lab Has Appreciative Clients From a Range of Companies & Industries

The Centre for Industrial Rheology has been working with client companies for over 15 years, both in the field of sample testing and in training courses in practical rheology.

Over that time over 90% of clients who have further need of rheological services return to The Rheology School or The Rhelogy Lab for more training, assistance with rheological and viscosity testing and/or in-house programs or for sample testing and industrial rheology solutions.

Rheology Lab Testimonials

We have desk drawers (and now email folders) full of kind words spoken by our clients during our operation. Our clients find our practical help uncomplicated and easy to work with. What was thought to be too difficult becomes easy with the help of The Rheology Lab or The Rheology School.

Centre for Industrial Rheology References For specific praise from some of our laboratory clients please click the link on the left. We have only published a few of the many that we have.

Please also note that we have a separate website for the rheology training school and that has its own page for client testimonials.


Rheology Lab Clients by Industry Sector

We have listed many of our clients ~ mostly blue chip companies ~ by industry. The pedigree of our clients is significant and they care deeply about the purpose and performance of their products.

Centre for Industrial Rheology Client Sectors Please click the link on the left to see some of those client companies and the industries with which we are familiar.

But please, if you see no equivalent to your own industry, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t found or can’t find rheological testing answers for you. We would love to hear from you as we love new challenges.

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