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Rheology training days and webinars

Rheology Training Courses

Our viscosity, rheology and equipment training courses are suitable for all levels of familiarity and ability. Whether you are using rheological data in support of sales and marketing efforts, addressing manufacturing challenges or soon to be tasked with developing test methods, reports and analyses on newly purchased equipment, we have developed practical hands on exercises, demonstrations and resources which will equip you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to work at your best, in the fastest time possible.

Come join us in the beautiful Hampshire countryside in the UK for a Rheology in Action open day, hosted at our lab in Warnford. Or enjoy distance learning from the comfort of your own desk with our webinar series. You can even have us fly out to your doorstep for direct hands on learning within your own lab, with your own equipment on your own products.

Rheology Training Courses

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Test method development, validation and equipment purchase advice

Rheology and Viscosity test method development The brookfield viscometer is a staple for many analytical labs, however an unsuitable test method can lead to loss of confidence in measured results and poor reproducibility. For specialist labs equipped with the latest rheometers, it can be a daunting experience to familiarise one self with the selection of geometries, sample holders and even just software settings to generate practical representative measurements for a given sample, and worrying still how to troubleshoot artefacts in the recorded data.

Let us validate your test methods and identify the correct attachments, speeds and methods that will provide reliable, repeatable results on your equipment. With years of experience using rheological equipment from a variety of manufacturers like brookfield, TA Instruments, Anton Paar, Malvern, etc. we can help you gain a better understanding of what rheological equipment will best match your lab’s objectives, and compliment your analytical capability.

Rheology test method development

Brookfield viscosity test method development

Equipment purchasing advice

Consulting and investigations

We can investigate potential manufacture, storage or formulation issues for you, and quickly identify the properties contributing to stability, pumping behaviour or thixotropic recovery.

Rheology consulting and investigations

If you would like to discuss your own needs or how we can assist, please feel welcome to contact us.

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