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Despite their apparent simplicity, Brookfield viscometers can, for many samples, report a disconcertingly wide range of viscosity values depending on the method employed. This is not the fault of the viscometer but an unfortunate consequence of the complex non-Newtonian behaviours of today’s manufactured products. This can lead to uncertainty and lack of confidence in measured viscosity results.

Our Brookfield Viscometer Test Method Development capabilities include:

  • Rapid, development of robust, repeatable and relevant test methods for suspensions, emulsions, waxes, solutions and gels for R&D, QC or production control needs.
  • Delivery of step-by-step test methods establishing all the critical test parameters for gaining reproducible results, such as:
    • Spindles and speeds
    • Temperature
    • Sample handling and conditioning
    • Measurement duration and data-collection point.
    • Sample container details
    • Repeatability and Reproducibility

Following the Method Development you will receive:

  • Comprehensive written instructions detailing the methods
  • A web presentation of the test method and Q&A session to ensure satisfactory implementation of the new methods
  • One month of follow-on email/telephone Q&A support.

If you would prefer an on-site visit to cover practical viscosity testing, then check out our practical viscosity testing training courses.

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