Sample testing, analysis and research

Today’s manufactured materials possess a complex combination of physical Rheology profiling of topicalproperties that combine to deliver the critical processing, storage, handling and performance attributes necessary in a competitive marketplace. We provide expert material characterization services of a wide range of those attributes for suspensions, emulsions, solutions, gels, waxes, powders and a host of other materials. Our testing is backed up with all the support and advice you need to ensure you:

  • Understand the test methods performed and the metrics obtained
  • Understand how the results gathered relate to, or predict, product performance
  • Can confidently discuss the work performed with your colleagues, associates and management

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An image of the DHR-2 Rheometer we useRheology Profiling and Characterizations

The rheological properties of most relevance to manufactured products comprise viscosity and flow behaviour, structural properties of colloidal and polymer gels and viscoelasticity under low and high deformation conditions. Typical rheological investigations into those properties deliver valuable quantified metrics such as yield stress, viscoelastic moduli (G’, G”, tan delta) thixotropy, and zero-shear viscosity. Learn more…

Tilting table drop shape analysisInterfacial tension, Surface Tension, Contact Angle, and Wetting

Complimentary to our rheological testing capabilities, we can measure contact angle, surface tension, interfacial tension, interfacial rheology and advancing/receding angle. This can be done either as a static measurement, or dynamically observing changes over time. Applications vary from industry to industry where control of coating processes, multi-phase stability or foaming are important. Learn more…

Viscosity testing in action.Viscosity Measurements

One of our most popular requests control of viscosity is important in quality control as well as various research application. We can perform viscosity measurements from simple Brookfield viscosity tests to sophisticated measurements across a range of defined shear rate, shear stress or temperature conditions to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to understand soft material behaviours under ‘forced flow’ or ‘free flow’ conditions, you can rely on our many years of experience to identify the correct methods to achieve your business objectives. Learn more…

One of our tribology attachmentsBio-Tribology: Lubrication and Friction Testing

Tribology is an exciting relatively new method for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Tribology involved taking measurements of the lubricating qualities of products in contact with a range of soft surfaces to gain an understanding of the interactions of materials with biological structures such as the skin, mucous membranes, tongue or palate. We have also developed methods to consider the impact of salivary proteins such as mucin on lubrication in the oral cavity. Learn more…

Our powder flow testing set up.Powder Flowability Analysis

We can provide a range of powder characterisation methods including assessment of flow functions, wall friction, compaction, bulk density under a range of pressures and stickiness. Industrial applications include understanding powder processing characteristics, hopper design, material handling post storage and compaction. Learn more…


Texture Analysis and Texture Profile Analysis (TPA)

We have a range of equipment and probes for performing a variety of texture tests on foods and other products and full Texture Profile Analysis measurements for the measurement of hardness, springiness, cohesiveness and resilience. Learn more…

Optical Microscopy and Imaging

Leica DM750, with phase contrast and cross polarization