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Guy who smiles in front of the cameraRegister for our free rheology webinars and become confident with the fundamentals of rheology. The webinars can be viewed individually, or as part of a three step course to help familiarise yourself with key concepts and ideas.

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Good Viscosity Testing Webinar

Good Viscosity Testing Webinar Become confident with the fundamentals of using a rotational viscometer with this free 30 minute webinar. Learn how to identify appropriate accessories, spindles and speeds to conduct a viscosity measurement for your product. There will be a 15 minute Q&A session for additional questions.

The course covers the following essentials:

  • A short primer in viscosity theory:
    • Viscometer models: RV, LV, DVI, DVII, Cone / plate, etc.
    • Accessories: spindles, t-bars, small sample adapters etc.
  • Guidelines for a good viscosity test:
    • Choice of spindle and speed.
    • Sample handling and conditioning.
    • Testing difficult-to-measure samples.
    • Test method validation: repeatability and reproducibility.
    • When to take the viscosity reading.

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Really Simple Rheology Webinar

Rheology Webinar An easy introduction to the often-confusing field of rheology. The fast-paced 30 minute webinar provides a short crammer in rheology fundamentals followed by useful advice and guidance for anybody looking to gain a better understanding into how their products flow and how to measure those properties.

The course covers the following essentials:

  • Basic concepts in rheology.
    • Shear stress, shear rate and viscosity.
    • Non-Newtonian liquids.
    • Structure and yield stress: why is it so important and how do we measure it?
    • Viscoelasticity: The concept of elasticity in liquids.
  • Rheology testing methods.
      • Viscosity testing approaches for suspensions, emulsions, solutions and gels.
        • Viscosity/shear rate profiling.
        • Controlled stress testing and zero-shear viscosity.
    • Oscillation testing methods and relating viscoelastic measurements to real-life behaviour.
      • Oscillation Stress Sweeps and Strain Sweeps.
      • Oscillation Frequency Sweeps.

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AAPS Webinar: Rheology Essentials for Pharmaceutical Scientists

AAPS Webinar

Rheology Essentials for Pharmaceutical Scientists comprises two sessions that are easy to understand and accessible to pharmaceutical scientists from varied backgrounds which collectively serve as an introduction for anybody navigating the sometimes confusing world of practical rheology and viscosity measurements.

The first session will introduce the core concepts of relevance to the characterization of topical pharmaceuticals. With reference to a range of easily recognised behaviours in everyday products, Neil will introduce and explain the palette of rheological properties that a pharmaceutical scientist can measure as part of their formulation, process development, and quality control activities.

The second session will discuss the practical considerations and approaches for gaining relevant and repeatable viscosity and rheology measurements for topical pharmaceutical drug products.

IFSCC Webinar: Getting Started with Cosmetic Rheology

Cosmetics Have you been using simple viscometers for years and wondered what all the fuss was about with rheology? How do you measure spreadability? What about sensory properties? How do you predict physical stability of an emulsion or suspension? Where do you go for info on rheology in cosmetics, without falling into a black hold of equations, terminology and academic grandstanding?

What you’ll learn during this webinar:

  • Foundations of rheology:
    • Non-Newtonian behavior, yield stress, elasticity, thixotropy & modules in the real world.
  • Cosmetic applications of rheology:
    • Handling, stability, and sensory. Characterizing physical behaviors and the rheology that defines them.
  • Bringing it all together:
    • Getting the most from your data. Communicating ideas, and informing your peers.

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AACT Webinar: Getting started with Rheology for Candy, Sweets and Confectionery

AACT Webinar Getting started with Rheology for Confectionery is an easy, accessible introduction to the world of physical testing of chocolates, sugar confectionery, gums and other treat products.

What you’ll discover

  • Foundations of rheology – Non-Newtonian behaviour, yield stress, elasticity, thixotropy and modulus in the real world.
  • Applications of rheology in the Confectionery industry – handling, stability and sensory. Characterising physical behaviours and the rheology that defines them.
  • Bringing it all together – Getting the most from your data. Communicating ideas, and informing your peers.

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Getting Started with Rheology for Foods and Beverages

Foods and Beverages Webinar Are your products delicious? How can you measure creaminess or the wobble of a jelly? How does temperature affect processing, does it really make things better? How do I improve the thickness of coating? Rheology impacts all of these key attributes and behaviours of foods and beverages but can be a minefield of complicated maths and arcane academic language. In this webinar we will help attendees skip to the best bits of rheology that they can use immediately to start solving their problems.

What you’ll discover

  • Core ideas in rheology that you can observe in the real world – Non-Newtonian behaviour, zero shear viscosity, yield stress, viscoelasticity, thixotropy and modulus.
  • Application of rheological data in the food and beverage industry – Pumping, handling, mouthfeel, stability and temperature dependent optimisation.
  • The capabilities available to characterise physical properties of edible products.

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Industry Specific Rheology Webinars

Industry Specific Rheology Webinars

Discover potential applications of rheology within industry, and inspire your curiosity. Familiarise yourself with how to use rheology to solve industrial challenges, and how you can start exploiting your newly found rheology knowledge! From ingredient benchmarking, guided formulation, scale up and processability, predictive stability, in-vitro alternatives to sensory analysis and a myriad of other potential areas.

We rotate these webinars to cover specific industries, from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, coatings, electronics and many more. Our next webinars are as follows:

There are currently no scheduled industry specific webinars, but if you would like to be notified as soon as we open registration, please contact us using the button below.

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