Viscosity and Rheology Test Method Services

From expert advice to turnkey systems with developed methods, training and support.

The Centre for Industrial Rheology provide a range of viscosity method audits, test method development and validation services and complete turnkey system supply for companies that have neither the time, staff resource or appetite for these activities.

Rheology Test Issuesrheology test

Poorly-developed viscosity testing methods can be costly and time- consuming. A hastily cobbled together rheology test can result in returned product, costly re-works and a damaged reputation. However it is easy to see how substandard test methods become established; making the right choice from the range of competing viscometers, rheometers, spindles, cones, plates and cylinders is bad enough. Add in the onerous task of establishing sample handling, conditioning and measurement protocols – and deciding on suitable pass/fail limits – it’s little wonder so many viscosity tests making it into service are not fit for purpose.

Leave it to the experts

We can develop and deliver everything you need to ensure you have absolute confidence that your viscosity and rheology test methods are up to scratch. Our services include:

  • A simple review of your method and quick advice on how best to optimise it.
  • Expert test method development based on your supplied samples.
  • Full validation, covering repeatability, reproducibility, specificity and draft pass/fail limits.
  • In partnership with the top instrumentation manufacturers, installed systems complete with developed methods, on-site commissioning, full training and ongoing support.

If you would like to enjoy total confidence in your viscosity or rheology test analysis/functions we would be happy to help.

Just contact us on +44(0)1733 793 082 or email [email protected] and tell us about your needs.