IFSCC Webinar: Getting Started with Cosmetic Rheology

Attention cosmetic scientists! Have you been using simple viscometers for years and wondered what all the fuss was about with rheology? How do you measure spreadability? What about sensory properties? How do you predict physical stability of an emulsion or suspension? Where do you go for info on rheology in cosmetics, without falling into a black hold of equations, terminology and academic grandstanding?

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Get answers to all your rheology questions

Join “The Rheology Guys”, Neil Cunningham and Joey Hodges of the Centre for Industrial Rheology (www.rheologylab.com) in Warnford, England for a tour of simple yet powerful and practical rheological concepts and tools for the cosmetic industry. Become familiar with the foundations of rheology, learn how to use various tools and techniques to characterize textures for marketing claims, benchmark competitors, deal with scaling up and predict stability.

No technical background needed!

With decades of communicating rheology to the masses, you don’t have to be technical to learn from this webinar. “The Rheology Guys” will walk you through and explain sophisticated concepts with examples drawn from everyday life, and their own experience of working in a leading rheology lab serving many different industries.

What you’ll learn during this webinar:

  • Foundations of rheology: Non-Newtonian behavior, yield stress, elasticity, thixotropy & modules in the real world.

  • Cosmetic applications of rheology: Handling, stability, and sensory. Characterizing physical behaviors and the rheology that defines them.

  • Bringing it all together: Getting the most from your data. Communicating ideas, and informing your peers.

Mary Lynn Halland - Executive Director, International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists


Mary Lynn Halland – Executive Director

International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists


Perry Romanowski - Vice President, Element 44


Perry Romanowski – Vice President

Element 44


Neil Cunnigham - Founder and CEO, Centre for Industrial Rheology


Neil Cunnigham – Founder and CEO

Centre for Industrial Rheology


Joey Hodges - Technical Sales and Marketing


Joey Hodges – Technical Sales and Marketing

Centre for Industrial Rheology