Powder Flow and Powder Rheology: The Basics

Powder Flow and Powder Rheology: The Basics is an accessible introduction to the popular characterisation methods available for anybody looking to better understand the handling and storage behaviours of their finished bulk solids or incoming raw materials.

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The course is aimed at researchers, process and quality personnel who wish to gain a rapid understanding of the toolkit of metrics and methods available to screen and benchmark their materials.

The course covers:

  • Flowability Measurements
    • The shear cell, unconfined failure strength and the yield locus
    • Cohesion and the angle of internal friction
    • Flow functions and the Flow Function Coefficient categorisations
    • Wall friction and wall friction angle
  • Powder “Rheology”
    • Dynamic flow cell measurements
    • Basic flow energy and specific energy
    • Aeration and permeability
  • Storage and Transport
    • Dynamic measurements for predicting consolidation
    • Compressibility and bulk density

The private, live online course comprises:

  • 45 minutes training session, delivered over Teams
  • 15 minutes of discussion/Q&A
  • One month of ongoing support by email to ensure any outstanding questions are answered and learnings from the course can be applied.

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