Rheology Testing Lab and Test Services

High performance research rheometers
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Have yourself an instant rheology lab, run by experts, at a fraction of the cost of buying a rheometer.

We provide a fast-turnaround rheology testing lab service to support your formulation, process development and quality control activities. On receipt of your samples we will measure properties such as viscosity, viscoelasticity, structure and thixotropy. We would then present our results to you, explain how the results relate to how your products perform and answer any questions you may have.

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Our customers use the insights we provide to:

  • Predict suspension or emulsion stability
  • Reformulate with alternative ingredients
  • Benchmark competitors and reverse engineer to a target or reference formulation
  • Understand the impact of processing and filling on the final product
  • Reduce the need for sensory panel testing

Rheology measurement methods

Just some of our huge range of measuring accessories
A small selection of our huge range of measuring accessories including several custom-built attachments to enable us to meet highly-specific needs.

A wide variety of rheology analysis methods exist. Some of the more commonly used measurements and metrics that we can deliver include:

  • Viscosity as a function of shear stress
  • Viscosity as a function of shear rate
  • Viscosity as a function of temperature
  • Zero-shear viscosity measurements
  • Yield stress and yield strain measurements
  • Thixotropic breakdown rate
  • Thixotropic recovery rates
  • Elasticity under shear measurements
  • Structure rigidity, complex, storage and loss modulus
  • Phase angle and tan delta
  • Oscillatory stress and strain sweeps
  • Oscillatory frequency sweeps
  • Oscillatory temperature sweeps and cycles
  • Creep and recovery

For more information on the applications of rheology testing take a look at our Articles and Case Studies

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