Biotech, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Rheology & Viscosity Testing

Rheology and viscosity behaviour play a crucial role in the processing and performance of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other biotech products. Our expert rheology testing and profiling services can inform the formulator or process developer on key product attributes throughout the development, manufacture and application of a wide range of products and materials.

Our advanced research rheometers and viscometers are able to quantify a range of product characteristics across parameters and conditions biotech, medical and pharmaceutical products will encounter.

We can help with:

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Topical and dermatological products:

  • Ease of pouring or squeezing from a tube, bottle or container
  • Spreadability, sensory characteristics and rub-in behaviour
  • Wash-off resistance of ointments
  • Suspension and emulsion stability


Syrups and suspensions:

  • Suspension and emulsion stability
  • Ease of re-dispersal
  • Pouring and film-forming characteristics


Ophthalmic products:

  • Viscoelastic handling characteristics of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices
  • Lubrication and ocular retention of eye-drops


Transdermal patches:

  • Creep resistance of adhesives both in storage or when applied to the skin
  • Tack and peel behaviour
  • Adhesion and penetration of active-containing components


For process design:

  • Viscosity build profiling of manufactured product
  • Ease of mixing, pumping and filling
  • The impact of shear and temperature regimes on final product characteristics
  • Scale up and plant specification


Quality Control: Brookfield Viscosity Test Methods

For quality control needs, single-point Brookfield viscosity testing is the norm. However “Brookfield viscosity” is not a single established protocol but a collection of disparate instrument, accessory and method combinations. As pharmaceutical products are virtually all non-Newtonian liquids or semi-solids, viscosity is not always a simple matter and the correct choice of viscometer, spindle & speed, sample handling and container becomes crucial for the extraction of relevant and repeatable results.

We can provide expert method development and validation, sample analysis and training and advice to help ensure you gain the Brookfield viscosity results most relevant to your needs.


Here are some of the clients we have provided rheology and viscosity assistance in the fields of biotech, medical device and pharmaceuticals:

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Reckitt Benckiser, Penn Pharma, Next Pharma, Leo Pharma, Teva, Vetoquinol, Novartis, Systagenix, Bisco, Smith & Nephew, DePuy, Abbott & Convatec

If you’d like to learn more about in this area, please take a look our pharmaceutical rheology industry case studies:

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