Adhesives, Sealants & Building Material Rheology & Viscosity Testing

Viscosity Testing, Profiling and Benchmarking for Adhesives, Sealants & Building Materials

Rheology and viscosity is gaining increasing importance for industries working with adhesives, sealants, building materials and resins. In all these industries the rheology of a product before, during and after an application dictates a multitude of factors like viscosity, shear rate needed, rigidity and thixotropic recovery for example.

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The research rheometers and viscometers at our disposal, along with years’ of professional rheology experience, mean we can analyse and advise on a vast range sealants, adhesives, primers, gelling agents and other such building materials’ attributes such as:

  • High & low temperature applications for predicting product behaviour throughout the development and manufacturing process.
  • Ductility, and how this will affect the products’ properties.
  • Wash off/time resistance as an indicator of product reaction to application.
  • Viscoelasticity of the product through a range of conditions and parameters, useful instances such as when the product is applied.
  • Elasticity, rigidity, thickness and stickiness so as to understand how the product will react to its surroundings and applied pressures.
  • Flow ability and its relevant thixotropic characteristics.
  • Grab, slump, sag, creep, slip and many other low shear qualities when the product is at rest.
  • Tack, peel & creep behaviour to ensure the product behaves as you require.

Here are some of the clients we have provided rheology and viscosity assistance in the field of adhesives, sealants & building materials:

Alfa Laval, Minelco, Sandvik, Sibelco, Dynea