Brookfield Viscosity Testing

We provide a fast and efficient viscosity testing service for your samples. Our testing is performed on calibrated equipment by expert analysts. On completion of testing we then provide a report with full results, details on the test method and any relevant observations on the results. Following the testing we provide full Q&A support to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the results and can make full use of them for your needs.

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The industry standard viscometers are the Brookfield Engineering products and these machines are the most common across the world of rheometry. They are, in rheometry, as genericized as Hoover or Sellotape are in their fields.

Measuring Brookfield Viscosity is a complex matrix of techniques & methodologies using the accepted and available features of the Brookfield machines. Our Rheology Lab has all the latest and best Brookfield viscometers and accessories to provide reliable and accurate results.


Brookfield Viscometer Testing. Rheology Lab LaboratoryOur viscometers include the Brookfield RV LV models, with a range of spindles and accessories to suit most sample types. We also have many specialist  spindles able to analyse difficult to measure materials such as dense slurries, thickening compounds and materials with a heavy sediment concentrate.

Small samples can also be tested in a specially adapted small-sample system including samples of 5-10ml. In addition, we have the newer and more sophisticated RS-CPS+ cone & plate viscometers and the RS-SST viscometer to test soft solids.

The latter viscometer was developed by Rheology Lab director Neil Cunningham with Brookfield to allow rheometry testing of more difficult samples which were previously hard to test.

All results have variations according to settings and measurement conditions and therefore it is important to register these as a critical part of the reported results.

We report on torque (and viscometer model number), spindle size, type and speed, temperature as well as container size, fill, measurement time & duration and test period within, pre-condiioning and preparation of samples (mixing or rest etc).

Fast Viscosity & Rheology Testing

The Rheology Lab laboratory can turn around your sample test results in 36-72 hours depending on your need and the complexity and of course the number of samples you need testing. Our lab lives in the real world where industrial  and practical realities exist. Please get in touch if you need any assistance or to discuss your Brookfield Viscosity needs.