Sensory prediction using rheology and tribology

Quantified – Repeatable – Objective

Triborheology profiling offers many benefits for rapid sensory prediction. The sensory attributes of materials such as skin feel of topicals and mouthfeel of foods, are the aggregate result of a range of fundamental physical properties. We measure a range of those physical properties, coupled with advanced data analysis, to provide objective and simple to understand similarities or differences between formulations and benchmarks.

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Triborheology screening helps:

  • cosmetics or foods Developers of cosmetics or foods rapidly screen candidate formulations for subsequent sensory panel testing.

  • Pharmaceutical formulators to compare patient experience-determining properties when the presence of an API prohibits in-vivo assessments

  • Ingredient and excipient manufacturers demonstrate how customers’ formulations are enhanced by the presence of their addition.


Triborheology for sensory prediction: How does it work?

Multiple measurable physical properties contribute to the tactile sensory experience. We work with you to identify key physical properties that relate to tactile sensory characteristics of your product. Individual measurements of viscosity, yield stress or coefficient of friction alone, are often insufficient to describe any one aspect of the sensory experience. It’s the complex interaction between these properties that contribute to the perception of texture.

Pick-up, application and rub-out are often used to refer to distinct temporal stages of interaction with a skin cream. The significant physical contributor to each of these stages changes as interaction with a skin-cream continues. Our lab utilises sophisticated research-grade equipment and years of experience to take accurate, reliable and relevant measurements that can help you understand this process.

Turning Complicated Data into Easily Interpreted Information

Triborheology profiling Triborheology profiling can be daunting to interpret for those unfamiliar with the science, or challenging to communicate with reference to real world observations for those who are. Our benchmark similarity scoring approach takes sophisticated measurements and presents them in a way that is easy to understand for everybody from the lab team to marketers and project managers.

All the support you need

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We follow each investigation with a results presentation, in-depth Q&A and generous support period to ensure you can take full advantage of your results. No one needs a PhD in physics to understand what we deliver. Results are easy to interpret and communicate for anyone, across the board.

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