VitroSense: Fast-track your sensory analysis

Quantified  –  Repeatable  –  Brutally Objective


The sensory attributes of materials, such as skin feel of topicals and mouthfeel of foods, are the aggregate result of a range of fundamental physical properties. We measure a whole slew of those properties on designated benchmarks and supplied development formulations.

VitroSense - Visual sensory mapping by in-vitro testing.VitroSense helps:

  • Developers of cosmetics or foods rapidly screen candidate formulations for subsequent sensory panel testing.
  • Pharmaceutical formulators compare sensory-determining properties when the presence of an API prohibits in-vivo assessments
  • Ingredient and excipient manufacturers demonstrate how customers’ formulations are enhanced by the presence of their addition.


We measure your development formulations and your target benchmarks and present the results in accessible and easy-to-use ways:

VitroSense for targeted formulations
VitroSense, single point scoring

You can drill down into the data for more detail:

VitroSense dive down scoring

…allowing you to make informed choices for re-formulation.


An alternative to sensory analysis? How does it work?

Measurements are performed on calibrated and repeatable equipment with expertly-developed test protocols. The closeness of match of benchmarks and development formulations is calculated, both as an overall figure and then in more detail for specific attributes (pick-up, application, rub-out, after-feel etc) and we present that information using simple everyday language in a manner that ensures even the least technical personnel can draw valuable conclusions.

All the support you need

We follow up every investigation with a results presentation and in-depth Q&A where we will work with you to help you fully exploit the value of the report. You don’t need a PhD in physics to understand a VitroSense report, but any support you do need is included in the cost. This will ensure you can take full advantage of the results we deliver and can confidently discuss them with your management or coworkers.


To find out more, or to discuss arranging your own investigation, contact us.