Methods: Foam Analysis for Foods

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Video Transcript for Foam Analysis:

Hi, there I’m Daniel. And I’d like to introduce you to one of the newer pieces of instrumentation we have here in the lab, that’s the Kruss Dynamic foam analyser. It offers a multitude of insights into foam behaviour, and it does that by studying (A) its foam height. Now that it can measure its foamability which is the propensity of a substance to foam. Also, the foam stability once that substance has foamed, how quickly it drains and how much the height decays.

It also studies its foam structure with this nifty little camera module we’ve got on it. Now that can measure its bubble size and bubble size distribution. By analysing live images, time resolves to see changes in real-time.

Here in the lab, I spend a lot of my time discussing the challenges and aspirations that our customers face with regard to the foam analyser. We have seen a lot of interest in plant-based milk for barista applications. Dense, stable, uniform foams with a high liquid content appear to be desirable from the consumer’s perspective.

The foam analyser can provide similar useful data for a range of products including beers, mousses, egg replacements and bakery ingredients.

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Daniel Williams, Application Research and Development Specialist