Methods: Temperature Sweeps

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Video Transcript for temperature sweeps:

Hey guys back in the lab and today we’re running some temperature sweeps. So, temperature sweep is a great measurement where we can look at either the viscosity or the structure of the material and change the temperature while we’re doing that to see how those changes in temperature affect our material. That can be vital for something like an anti-freeze that needs to perform very well at low temperatures even down below freezing or something like an engine oil which needs to get heated up and perform well at the temperatures in a high-performance sports car. It can even be great for cycling temperatures something like the cheese on a pizza which is pulled from the fridge heated up in a pizza oven pulled down in a fridge overnight and then reheated in a microwave the next day.

Melt profiling is a great way for characterizing. those gooey stringy oozy textures that we all love in our toasties and our pizzas Through cooking all the way to cooling melt profiling lets you target competitor benchmarks or formulate compared to your conventional dairies changing it to maybe some plant-based alternatives.

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