Methods: Contact Angle Measurements

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Video Transcript for Methods: Contact Angle Measurements:

Hey guys today in the lab we’ve been running some contact angle measurements. Contact angle is a measurement where we deposit a drop of a liquid onto a solid surface, and we look at the angle that, that drop forms with that solid. A steep angle indicates a drop that hasn’t wet well, conversely, a shallow angle indicates a drop that’s wet very well. This can be great for looking at a whole host of things like the waterproofing of a waterproof coating or the adhesion of a coating to a solid.

We also use this technique to look at advanced and receding contact angles and this is done by tilting the plate that the sample has been deposited onto, this is great for looking at applications such as agrochemicals for material that have been deposited onto a leaf or even spray applications when this has been sprayed onto an inclined surface.

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Oliver Hurst, Technical Specialist