Methods: Controlled Rate Viscosity Profiles

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Video Transcript for Controlled Rate Viscosity Profiles:

Hey guys we’re back in the lab and today we’re running some viscosity profiles. A viscosity profile is one of the most important tools in the rheologist’s toolkit for looking at a huge range of materials, well there are some samples that show us Newtonian Behavior that’s where they have one viscosity no matter how hard we push them how fast we make them flow the majority of materials are more complicated than that and show us non-Newtonian Behavior where the viscosity will change depending on the shear rate to be applied to them, you can think of that like how fast we make them flow.

So we work in a range of different industries from Pharmaceuticals to food to electronics and anything else in between, and anyone that’s working with either a semi-solid or a liquid will be really interested in a viscosity profile. For example, if we take this mayonnaise there are different shear conditions that are being applied when the mayonnaise is just sat on the Shelf, to when you’re squeezing it out of the bottle then when you’re spreading it on say bread and measuring those different shear conditions is really important of course multiple points that understand that full viscosity profile and understand how that material was behaving in those different conditions.

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