Methods: Oscillation Stress Sweeps

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Video Transcript for Oscillation Stress Sweeps:

Hey guys we’re back in the lab and today we’re running some oscillation stress sweeps. An oscillation stress sweep is an important tool for getting to grips with a soft solid structure we find in a whole host of materials for example emulsions, suspensions and gels even when we might not expect there to be a structure. Where viscosity is great for understanding a whole host of factors of materials while they’re flowing when the material is still and we need to get it flowing that’s where our stress route comes into place it can be vital for understanding a range of things like storage and stability, boat weight or even spreadability or pickup.

So oscillatory measurements are great for probing delicate soft structures that are impossible to characterize with viscosity alone. By using oscillatory stress sweep we can explore the strength and the rigidity of a structure which allows us to identify properties such as pickup or stability. We can also use these techniques to help predict drainage behaviour along with levelling, sagging and slumping of inks, paints and coatings.

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Oliver Hurst, Technical Specialist