Methods: Tribology & its Uses

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Hey guys today in the lab we’ve been running some of our soft tribology measurements, when we’re looking at tribology, we’re looking at the direct contact between two solid materials and the lubricating ability of a liquid between them. When we talk about soft tribology we’re specifically looking at a pliant lower surface with a silicon base that helps us better imitate skin to get a handle on those skin-on-skin and hand-through-hair tongue-in-cheek type scenarios that can be great for exploring the properties of something like a moisturizer, does it feel greasy or slippery or luxurious? or even looking at something like the mouth feel of plant-based milk.

Tribology can be used to predict the sensory attributes of materials such as the skin feel of a topical or cosmetic to the mouthful of food and beverages. By measuring the friction and lubricity of a product we can correlate the physical characterizations of your product to known sensorial properties gathered from sensory panels. We can then rapidly screen multiple formulations and compare them to benchmarks of known sensorial attributes.

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