Surface Rheology: Film Formation During Adhesive Curing (Transcript)

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Video Transcript for Surface Rheology:

Dynamic surface rheology where the change in behaviour at the surface of the material can be monitored can allow for rheological characterization and crucially insight into filming and curing behaviour in addition this technique is not just restricted to room temperature measurements and elevated temperatures can also be investigated

For example in this case, a study where a well-known adhesive was subjected to curing but a range of temperatures rate of change in complex modulus or rigidity can be clearly observed at 20 degrees Celsius the adhesive gear is at a constant rate whereas when the temperature has increased to 40 degrees Celsius the rate of curing increased by seven times and the limiting complex modulus was reached much more quickly as well as collecting complex modulus data the storage and loss modulus can be easily interrogated in this example

The adhesive starts with a larger loss modulus so is liquid dominant however as curing starts storage module begins to dominate and the sample becomes more solid the differences between samples at different temperatures and how the storage and loss moduli change in relation to each other and also provide valuable insights

The article in this description includes the following drying versus curing, formation and MFFT, a case study curing adhesive,s comparing rates film formation, modulus crossover another key indicator for film formation, sample curing environments probing evaporation effects

The article can be found in the description or by typing surface rheology film formation during adhesive curing at

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