Tribo-Rheology for Topicals

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In Tribo-Rheology for Topicals Neil Cunningham delivers a concise and accessible primer into sunscreenthe practical measurement of viscosity, viscoelasticity and lubrication of products applied to the skin. The webinar will most benefit formulation and product development personnel looking to predict sensory qualities, reduce their reliance on costly consumer trials and gain an understanding of their competitive “sensory landscape”.

Relevant products include:

  • Skincare creams, foundations and serums
  • Topical pharmaceuticals
  • Suncare creams and sprays
  • Lipstick and lip balms
  • Personal lubricants
  • Ingredients and excipients: texturising polymers, emulsifiers, waxes and emollients


Tribology and Rheology: A Marriage Made in Heaven

The complementary techniques of rheology, (structure, flow and viscoelasticity) and Rheologyu profiling of topical pharmaceutical tribology (friction and lubrication) deliver quantified, repeatable and objective measurements of the key properties contributing to the handling, application and sensory attributes of topical products. Armed with this information formulators and product developers can:

  • Establish benchmarks and a “market map” of their products and those of their competitors
  • Demonstrate similarity or otherwise of generics and reference listed drugs
  • Identify and quantify the impact of ingredient and excipient choices such as texturizing polymers, emulsifiers, waxes and emollients


The fast-paced webinar covers the following:

  • Basic principles of rheology of relevance to topicals
  • Understanding tribology: Friction and lubrication measurements
  • How rheology and tribology properties manifest in handling, application and sensory properties
  • Case studies of the applications of tribo-rheological profiling