Yield Stresses of Semi-Solids

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Video Transcript for Yield Stresses of Semi-Solids:

Hi this is Joseph Hodges from the rheology lab. In the context of semi solids what we rheologists really just describe as structured liquids yield stresses the stress at which material significantly begins to flow from pump specification, comparisons the spread ability or assessing the capability of the product to suspend large particles yield stress is a highly important metric for predicting handling behaviour of structured materials.

You can think of yield stress is how hard would I need to push the material before it stops bouncing back. There are multiple ways of measuring yield stress the modulus crossover point, the stress at a phase angle of 45 degrees and the onset point are three common methods used at our lab. Uses depending on the situation in this real-world example, our high-powered rheometers show that under very low stresses orange juice and smoothies possess an incredibly delicate elastic structure and do undergo a yielding behaviour on application of sufficient stress.

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